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Aviation Construction Management

HangarsUSA offers consulting services for any or all the key stages of building an aircraft hangar, including:

Airport Lease Negotiation

Owning a hangar is not the same as owning a house. Most airport properties grant leasehold ownership. You gain the right to use the land under your aircraft hangar for an agreed-upon time and cost. The airport owner or town typically retains title to the land, which can cause difficulties to those clients attempting to obtain financing for their projects. Our legal department has extensive experience in educating the financial institutions, thus making your financing a straightforward process. Leasehold arrangements vary widely at airports around the country.

Negotiating beneficial lease terms is an important step before building your airplane hangar. Consult with us. We can help you negotiate the most favorable lease terms. Or we can guide you in your own lease negotiations. During previous lease negotiations at several locations we have been successful in increasing lease term length by as much as 60% of the lease term.

Aircraft Facility Planning and Design

What type or types of aircraft do you want to protect? What amenities would you like in your hangar? What other uses will your hangar perform? Will you require special equipment or services in order for you to accomplish your mission goals? There’s much to consider when planning and designing a hangar.

Consult with us in the planning and design stage and we can accommodate those special requirements. We can help you define your needs within a realistic budget. Using proprietary design software, we create the aircraft facility you have in mind. We can also do the preliminary engineering work under a Preliminary Services Contract (PSC). With the completed PSC in hand, you can bid the project out to other construction contractors. Vendors receive precise specifications, so you receive an accurate bid. Or HangarsUSA can bid the work and build your aircraft hangar for you.

Pricing Unique in the Aircraft Hangar Construction Industry

The Preliminary Services Contract fee is 1.75% of the total project cost (or $10,000, whichever is greater). Should HangarsUSA build your hangar, the fee is credited to the project cost.

Aircraft Hangar Site Preparation

Locating your airplane hangar at the airport involves a number of considerations. Will your hangar be airside or landside? What about access to roads or aircraft taxiways? Will you need parking space? How should your hangar be oriented on the site?

Our knowledge and experience building hangar facilities can help you through all the factors involved in site preparation:

These are just a few of the specific and unique requirements essential to the construction of an aviation facility.

We’ll ensure that your hangar is optimally placed and built on your chosen site.

Hangar Construction Project Management

HangarsUSA also provides complete supervision of your aircraft hangar construction project. From scheduling and budgeting to quality control, safety and inspection. Our knowledge of Federal and state agency requirements will ensure that your hangar project is properly certified and good to go upon completion.

FREE Aircraft Hangar Design

Tell us your needs and receive a preliminary hangar design, including elevation, floorplan and project cost estimate. Call Doug Blake at 303-250-4122 and mention HangarsUSA free design offer to claim your preliminary aircraft hangar design, a $500 value, with no obligation.

Free Aircraft Hangar Design


"Doug Blake backs his work impeccably. If anything, he goes too far to service his clients. I can’t believe how much work he does that a normal person wouldn’t do. He’s known for exceptional timeliness in getting the job done. He’s gold-plated. I would recommend him absolutely for anyone wanting to build a hangar."
Bud Lewis | Jetter Aviation

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