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Aircraft owner and pilot Doug Blake founded his first aviation construction company in 1997. As this company grew in both size and experience it evolved into HangarsUSA, which was born in 2004. Doug has a personal stake in protecting airplanes. He takes the same care in protecting his hangar clients’ aircraft as he does his own. As a symbol of his commitment to building high-quality hangars, Doug’s Bonanza is the first plane into every new hangar he builds.

Pilots Building Hangars for Pilots

The organizational model for HangarsUSA is simple and efficient: keep costs down and quality up. The company is built on strategic partnerships. All of the company’s aviation construction managers are themselves pilots. They know and understand the unique requirements of aviation construction. The design and construction of aviation facilities and hangars is all that HangarsUSA does.

Over 120 Aircraft Hangar Units Constructed and Counting

Today HangarsUSA has built over 120 hangar units in the U.S. and worldwide. These aircraft hangars range from complex, multi-unit structures with built-in amenities, to simple, single unit facilities. They house large aircraft and small. Almost anywhere in the world you need a hangar, HangarsUSA can build one.

HangarsUSA is Committed to the Aviation Industry

HangarsUSA is a proud member of the following Aviation organizations:


HangarsUSA is a Disabled Veteran Owned Company.

FREE Aircraft Hangar Design

Tell us your needs and receive a preliminary hangar design, including elevation, floorplan and project cost estimate. Call Doug Blake at 303-250-4122 and mention HangarsUSA free design offer to claim your preliminary aircraft hangar design, a $500 value, with no obligation.

Free Aircraft Hangar Design


"We saw one of Doug’s hangars out at Front Range Airport, so we contacted him to build our hangar. Doug built the hangar we wanted in accordance with the contract, and we’re very pleased with it. He did a good job working with the airport with regards to their infrastructure and rules, so we didn’t have to hassle with it. In the end we got a nice hangar, exactly what we ordered, and Doug was great to work with."
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